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Why You Should Buy Youtube Views

by Y.ToolsAugust 25. 2019

The power of YouTube is undeniable. Now anyone with nothing more than an internet connection can build out their very own “TV channel”, producing content, engaging with audiences from around the world, and making a mountain of money along the way – all 100% free of charge with the tools that Google and YouTube provide. At the same time, this freedom has turned into a bit of a double-edged sword. While the old barriers of entry to producing amazing video content have all but been destroyed, the fact of the matter is now everyone has the same opportunity to produce amazing video content and share it with the world. That’s a lot of competition. This is why you see so many YouTube channels out there deserving of a wider audience flounder around with only a handful of regular viewers or subscribers. Their content may be light years ahead of anyone else’s in their market or their niche, but for one reason or another they just aren’t able to get the traction that they should to succeed. Thankfully there’s a way to level the playing field completely – and all you have to do is buy YouTube views to hit the ground running.

Big Bump in SEO Results

One of the biggest benefits you’ll enjoy making the decision to buy YouTube views out right, at least to seed your new account before it gains a lot more traction, is that you will inevitably see a big bump in your organic search engine optimization results. For very obvious reasons, Google is always eager to promote YouTube content. As long as you are intelligently optimizing your titles, your descriptions, and actively pushing views to your YouTube content you should have no trouble whatsoever leapfrogging other videos in the search engine results and redirecting that flood of organic traffic for yourself. This turns into a self-perpetuating cycle where you get more and more YouTube views organically, your results increase, and the cycle continues over and over again. And it’s all jumpstarted with a very minuscule investment when you buy YouTube views.

Get influence fast

Get youtube views

Another huge benefit you’re going to notice when you choose to purchase YouTube views out right from a service like our own is the advantage of instant influence. The odds are pretty good that you’ve gone through this scenario at least a handful of times yourself. You land on a brand-new YouTube channel, see a couple of videos that interest you – engaging headlines, interesting thumbnails, etc. – but then you see they have next to no YouTube views for these videos that are a little bit older, that they have no real subscribers, and immediately something clicks in your mind. “This channel probably isn’t all that good or important”. It’s a natural line of thought, one studied by prominent marketers and advertisers for generations. The principle of social proof comes into play here, and it’s a principle that each and every one of us operate based off of even if we love to tell ourselves that nothing could be further from the truth. Nobody wants to be the “first one onboard”, nobody wants to waste their time with something that might not pan out, and nobody wants to do all of the investigating into something new on their own. Instead we look for shortcuts – a pile of YouTube views – to tell us whether or not a particular piece of content is important, valuable, or credible. By purchasing YouTube views you instantly gain a lot more influence in your market and with your new viewers or subscribers, influence that you wouldn’t have had otherwise.

Automatic Authority

Another benefit that ties into the one that we just highlighted is the automatic authority that you are going to be able to command when you have a flood of YouTube views on your content. This ties directly into social proof like we highlighted above, one of the most important psychological principles that savvy and strategic marketers cash and on every day and something that you are going to want to jump on board as well. People are going to see high view counts, immediately see you as an authority figure for whatever it is your videos are posted on, and are going to be naturally inclined to not only watch your content compared to your competitors – but also to take everything you have to say a lot more seriously as well. This is just another reason to buy YouTube views ASAP.

Magnetic Celebrity

The celebrity power that you are able to cultivate when you have a flood of YouTube views on your content, particularly in your niche, industry, or corner of the internet, is unparalleled. Entire cottage industries have popped up based entirely off of the reach and platform that YouTube provides. There are people – celebrities, really – that have millions and millions of fans on YouTube alone, people that the “mainstream” wouldn’t recognize if they were sitting next to them on a city bus. If you want to gain a little bit of fame (or a lot of fame, even) through the power of YouTube nothing helps jumpstart that process quite as quickly as flooding your content with views. The more views you have, the higher your celebrity climbs, and the head start that purchasing these initial views gives you is an almost unfair advantage.

Forces Google to Boost Your Platform

Explode your Youtube views

This benefit of using buying YouTube views directly from a service like our own often goes overlooked and underappreciated – and that’s a mistake you’ll want to be sure you are not making. You see, every single time new viewers are added to your content an invisible YouTube algorithm takes that into consideration when it comes time for Google and YouTube to actually promote your page, your videos, and the content that you are publishing. Obviously, those that are seen as popular and exciting are going to be promoted a lot more often than those that are not. By pushing views to your content (artificially at first with the help of services like our own) you’re able to game the system in a way, helping to leverage the reach and power of Google and YouTube to boost the profile and visibility of your platform. It’s not hard to imagine just how successful you can become when you have a technology titan like Google in your corner making sure that the word is spread about your videos and your content.

Cheap Way to Get Attention in Crowded Markets

We live in the middle of the most crowded and cluttered marketplace of attention that’s ever existed, with businesses large and small, marketers, advertisers, content creators, celebrities, it social media influencers – and that’s just the tip of the iceberg – all fighting for our attention. Trying to get recognized in this sea of noise can be an uphill battle every single day, all day long. By choosing to (at the very least) seed your YouTube platform with views that you have purchased you’re able to invest in your success, skyrocket the attention your platform is receiving, and immediately separate yourself from the rest of the pack that either aren’t willing to leverage this strategy, interested in using this strategy, or understanding of how effective this strategy can be. It’s an immediate game changer that isn’t going to cost you an arm and a leg, either. We are proud to offer to buy YouTube subscribers and views services specifically designed and tailored to accommodate pretty much any budget imaginable. We offer truly scalable solutions that you can increase or decrease as necessary, helping you to build the kind of platform and influence your after without ever blowing up your budget or breaking your bank account.

100% Safe (When Done Correctly)

Finally, when you choose to use a legitimate YouTube views service like our own you are able to enjoy all of the benefits that we have highlighted above without ever risking your YouTube account or your Google profile. We have spent quite a bit of time (and an amazing amount of money) making sure that each and every one of the YouTube views we provide are as invisible and undetectable to the folks at Google and the algorithms and YouTube that would love nothing more than to bust you for gaming the system. You’ll never have to worry about your account being put in jeopardy when you choose to use our services, that’s for sure. We understand EXACTLY how to add these views, subscribers, and engagements with your YouTube content in an organic looking way while at the same time providing almost overnight results. This proprietary method is why so many YouTubers out there choose our services when they are looking for a boost compared to any of our competitors. If you like to learn a little bit more about how we can help you build and grow your YouTube channel and your YouTube platform with a flood of new views, subscribers, and engagement drop us a line at your earliest convenience. We’d love nothing more than talk about putting a project together!

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